I’m Andi. I’m an owner of blingsting. Welcome to my blog. I am quite possibly the last person to start blogging, because I’M VERY BUSY making cute stuff!


It’s true.  And how cute are these agendas by bando.com?

Plus, I hate the actual word ‘blog’. It’s ugly and weird. Anyway, they tell me I have to do this, so here we go. But first, let’s recap all of the other things I would rather do than blog:

1- Drink skinny margaritas and do yoga in Tulum

2 – Play tennis in really cute tennis dresses

3 – Locate a husband (email me if you know someone)

4 – Get a pedicure

5-  Watch election coverage

Ok, so now that we have that out of the way, I guess I will start blogging. Please check back often as I will (potentially) semi-amaze you with my insight into the personal safety space, BTS of running a small business (there are good days and there are rough days), and other random things I run across that seem cool and that I actually have photos of. One thing I do know is that if I can start and run a business with only one idea for a ‘better’ pepper spray, and very little else, anyone can.


Golden Girl

And, also ask me questions, give me your opinion on what we are doing that you love or don’t love … send me pics, emails, tag me on INSTA, FB me, whatever you feel like.   I love seeing our girls embrace their blingsting and I will feature our adorable customers, do fun giveaways, and reveal our new super-cute products along the way.

This is me. In a random hat from the Cracker Barrel (so good!) and with my cutest guy, Baxter.


We are really into selfies

love andi