Mostly uninteresting post alert. I don’t like to spend a lot of time on boring things like pepper spray laws, but there are some states that actually just aren’t getting it when it comes to pepper spray! They have decided that pepper spray is to be so highly regulated, that companies like blingsting can’t ship product into the state (you know who you are). The great thing is that while all 50 states do allow anyone over the age of 18 to carry pepper spray, it’s just the whole shipping thing and also some differences in age restrictions where it gets a little more complicated. The bottom line here is, you might want to do a quick scan before you purchase one of our really super-cute pepper spray keychains online. A short list of states that don’t allow us to ship/sell pepper spray is right here. And for anyone who cares, here is the long list of state pepper spray laws that you’ll want to look at if you live in any of these states.  PS – OC spray is the same thing as pepper spray.

Pepper spray laws and state restrictions

  • California: Container holding the defense spray must contain no more than 2.5 ounces (71 g) net weight of aerosol spray.
  • Massachusetts: Before July 1, 2014, residents may purchase defense sprays only from licensed Firearms Dealers in that state, and must hold a valid Firearms Identification Card (FID) or License to Carry Firearms (LTC) to purchase or to possess outside of one’s own private property.  New legislations allow residents to purchase pepper spray without a Firearms Identification Card starting July 1.
  • Michigan: Allows “reasonable use” of spray containing not more than 10% oleoresin capsicum to protect “a person or property under circumstances that would justify the person’s use of physical force”. It is illegal to give a “self-defense spray” to a person under 18 years of age.
  • New York: Can be legally possessed by any person age 18 or over
    • It must be purchased in person (i.e., cannot be purchased by mail-order or internet sale) either at a pharmacy or from a licensed firearm retailer (NY Penal Law 265.20 14 (a)), and the seller must keep a record of purchases.
      • The use of pepper spray to prevent a public official from performing his/her official duties is a class-E felony.
NYC pepper spray laws

NYC. My favorite city, but we can’t just can’t ship there 🙁

  • New Jersey: Non-felons over the age of 18 can possess a small amount of pepper spray, with no more than three-quarters of an ounce of chemical substance.
  • Washington: Persons over 18 may carry personal-protection spray devices.
    • Persons over age 14 may carry personal-protection spray devices with their legal guardian’s consent.
  • Wisconsin: Tear gas is not permissible.
    • By regulation, OC products with a maximum OC concentration of 10% and weight range of oleoresin of capsicum and inert ingredients of 15-60 grams are authorized. This is 12 and 2 oz (14 and 57 g) spray. Further, the product cannot be camouflaged, and must have a safety feature designed to prevent accidental discharge. The units may not have an effective range of over 20 feet and must have an effective range of six feet.
      • In addition there are certain labeling and packaging requirements, it must state cannot sell to anyone under 18 and the phone number of the manufacturer has to be on the label. The units must also be sold in sealed tamper-proof packages.

(source: Wikipedia)

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