Behind every product, there is a story. In case you are wondering why we started blingsting, you have come to the right place. It’s really very simple. My family and I couldn’t figure out why the companies making pepper spray weren’t making it even remotely appealing to girls.   I mean, you want us to carry one, and be safe, right?

Well, they say the best ideas are the simplest and it doesn’t really get any simpler than this. Here’s how the company came to be, from the comfort of our living room in Central Illinois:

Step 1: Dad comes home with 2 pepper sprays in the ugly black cases for my mom and I. You know the ones in the faux black leather case?  Yeah … no.

Step 2: Mom says “If this were cute and sparkly, don’t you think more girls would be excited about carrying it? We should make a cute pepper spray. I bet it would sell.”

Step 3: Dad says “We can call it blingsting“!

Step 4: BINGO. So we went to work (aka hand bedazzling prototypes until we wanted to throw up), then we made 5000 units to test the concept, and the rest is history.

Man wearing blingsting pepper spray tank top

It all started with one very over-protective (but amazing) Dad

For me, making a girly pepper spray was about way more than the actual product itself. It was about getting girls excited and engaged in their personal safety. It had to be small, inexpensive, packaged very well, accessible, and of course, as effective as any other pepper spray you can find on the market (and it is).  It’s just WAY cuter.

Comparison graphic of boring pepper spray and blingsting pepper spray

Now we are selling blingsting pepper spray and our other personal safety stuff (glitter personal alarms!  emergency escape hammers!) in thousands of retailers big and small across the country and also internationally, with so many more ‘practical products made cute’ to come.

Oh, and 6 years later, we have an actual office in Dallas with a real-life sign! I’m very proud of this sign, as I applied it to the door myself, without messing it up.

blingsting pepper spray office in Dallas, Texas


love andi