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Say hello! to the cutest stun gun ever: The Stunning Gun

Yes, we just had to go there. First it was pepper spray, and now we have set our focus on all things cute and sparkly to the stun gun! And of course it wouldn’t be a blingsting product without a seriously cute name – so say hello to the Stunning Gun! We have shown it at our big tradeshows across the country in the last few weeks and can already tell it will be a top seller in no time. It will be available for purchase on our website in a few weeks (yay!)

Stunning Gun rhinestone stun gun by blingsting

On display at the Las Vegas Gift Show


I didn’t ever think we’d make a stun gun, but our customers asked for it, so here it is!  For those unfamiliar, a stun gun is simply a device used to immobilize an attacker without causing serious injury, typically by administering an electric shock. So, it’s a positive safety product, just like pepper spray, that won’t cause permanent damage but will deter and deflect a potential attacker if used properly.  They say to really make the most impact, the electric shock should be directed at the face, chest or groin.  Of course the longer the shock is administered, the more disoriented the attacker will become.  And, the sound of the spark alone is enough to cause a scene. It’s seriously loud. Oh and we have tested it on the president of blingsting, Gabe, and it totally works. Plus, it’s decked out in the deep charcoal rhinestones that I call ‘mink.’ Mink is everything, as we all know. New products are SO fun!  Ok – just remember that stun guns are so not a toy, and there are state and local restrictions on ’em – so gotta do your research to make sure you can legally carry one of these little gems.  Most states do require you be 18 years of age (just like with pepper spray).  We have a list of states that we can’t ship the Stunning Guns to right here.

Stunning Gun Stun Gun in packaging

Stun gun meets cuteness overload


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They tell me I have to start blogging.


I’m Andi. I’m an owner of blingsting. Welcome to my blog. I am quite possibly the last person to start blogging, because I’M VERY BUSY making cute stuff!


It’s true.  And how cute are these agendas by

Plus, I hate the actual word ‘blog’. It’s ugly and weird. Anyway, they tell me I have to do this, so here we go. But first, let’s recap all of the other things I would rather do than blog:

1- Drink skinny margaritas and do yoga in Tulum

2 – Play tennis in really cute tennis dresses

3 – Locate a husband (email me if you know someone)

4 – Get a pedicure

5-  Watch election coverage

Ok, so now that we have that out of the way, I guess I will start blogging. Please check back often as I will (potentially) semi-amaze you with my insight into the personal safety space, BTS of running a small business (there are good days and there are rough days), and other random things I run across that seem cool and that I actually have photos of. One thing I do know is that if I can start and run a business with only one idea for a ‘better’ pepper spray, and very little else, anyone can.


Golden Girl

And, also ask me questions, give me your opinion on what we are doing that you love or don’t love … send me pics, emails, tag me on INSTA, FB me, whatever you feel like.   I love seeing our girls embrace their blingsting and I will feature our adorable customers, do fun giveaways, and reveal our new super-cute products along the way.

This is me. In a random hat from the Cracker Barrel (so good!) and with my cutest guy, Baxter.


We are really into selfies

love andi

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