I can’t help but notice that what we are doing here at blingsting is really important.  We make really cute pepper spray , and we are just getting started.  What is happening in our country (and our world) is heartbreaking, and it’s not going to get better any time soon. People are scared, and the issues are way complex. And while you can’t ever stop crazy-sick people with bad intentions, you can be as vigilant as possible.

cute keychain OC pepper spray


The good thing about personal safety is it’s personal, and doesn’t really matter who’s in charge of the government or any silly politicians. Whether you choose to carry a gun, a stun gun, pepper spray (better be blingsting!) or nothing at all, there are always things you must do in conjunction with carrying a weapon for self-defense, like pay attention to your surroundings. As we all know, the best weapon can be useless if you are caught in the wrong situation at the wrong time.

I hear all sorts of tips from our customers who choose to carry pepper spray, and who love to tell us how, when and why they carry their blingsting. Here are a few of my favorites that have impacted the when and the way I, personally, keep my pepper spray close.

Top 5 Moments to *Not Forget* Your Pepper Spray

1.  At the gas pump. Car jackings and purse snatchings can happen while you are filling up at the gas station. So always, lock your car doors while pumping gas, and always have your pepper spray in hand, in the open position, ready to fire. Better yet, have a husband or boyfriend fill up your car. I mean, come on babe.

2.   Walking the dog at night. So many of us venture out past dark to walk our little fur babies.  Of course walking alone at night makes us prime targets for people up to no good. Many of our customers             keep a pepper spray specifically assigned to their dog’s leash. And of course, when you are walking, it’s in hand, in the unlocked position the entire time.

3.  Jogging outside.  Hardly a week goes by that there isn’t a story on the Dallas evening news about a girl getting attacked while jogging or walking on a trail or in a park.  Sometimes it’s at night, sometimes it’s in broad daylight.  While we all gotta get our cardio on, bottom line here is that you gotta have your blingsting with you, in hand, in the fire position at all times.


jogger pink pepper spray keychain

Work it out, girl!

  1. Parking lots, elevators, stairwells. I personally try to avoid all of these places (especially at night) if I can help it. But if I do have to go at it alone, I always take my blingsting off my purse, and you guessed it, have it in hand in the unlocked position, why making note of who and what is surrounding me. I stop and look behind me as much as possible.
  1. In bed. Yes, bed. My friend Erika sleeps with her blingsting underneath her pillow when her husband is traveling for work. Mine is on my nightstand. You just never know and I am terrified someone is gonna break in my house basically at all times.

Again, pepper spray (or a gun, or a stun gun, or a taser) isn’t always the answer. The best answer, I think, is not putting yourself in compromising situations in the first place. But, we all have lives to live, and it’s all about balance, common sense, and hoping for the best.