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First-Aid is so Clutch

Adulting is super hard.

That’s why it helps to be as prepared as possible, but who wants a huge heavy duty tackle box sized first-aid kit taking up space everywhere. Our adorbs rose-gold gemstone first-aid kit is cute, compact, and perfect for so many things:

Car Storage First-Ait Kit

Car Storage

Putting into your car console to hold bobby pins, sunglasses, hair ties, chapsticks, and other essentials you don’t want floating around.

Gift set first-aid kit

Bridesmaid’s Gift

Thinking of things to put together for a bachelorette weekend or the wedding day? Our Gemstone First-Aid kit is a great gift or additional gift to give your special girls!

Period Tampon Holder First-Aid Kit

Hello Aunt Flo!

Don’t want tampons floating around in your purse, gym bag, or work bag? Stick them in our First-Aid Kit to secure them and keeping them from spilling out in front of the new cute marketing manager.

Beach Bag First-Aid Kit

Beach Bag

Going to the beach, you get caught up in all the fun and forget to keep tabs on your keys, phones, etc. Throw them into this clutch to make sure they’re there and water protected!


Our Gemstone First-Aid Clutch is perfect, versatile, and functional! first-aid kit clutch by Blingsting

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  1. Jennifer Hebden

    July 16, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    So cute!!

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