You should have a personal security team at all times and lets be real, blingsting pepper spray should be a part of that team.  Not only should you have added safety when you are running errands, walking to your car, out on the town, or on campus going to class but you should also take precautions when exercising.  And we should all be exercising.  As our spirit animal Elle Woods says, ‘Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.”

pepper spray for joggers

To all the cute little joggers or any one trying to get a little cardio and sunshine in their life, this one is for you. Below are some safety tips for jogging (or walking, whatev). There are so many different preventative measures to take when running outside so this list is a condensed version of the hundreds of tips out there. Check it out.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. It is easy to zone out while running and listening to music but always be alert and aware of who/what is around you.
  • Run a route you already know and are familiar with. If you are trying a new route, plan ahead and make sure to learn the new route during the daytime when people are around. You do not want to learn a route when the sun is setting, keep it moving when it’s bright out.
  • Alternate your routes. Running the same route, at the same time, creates a pattern and can make the runner an easy target for attackers. Switch things up and keep ‘em guessing, from the route you run to the time you run it.
  • Avoid deserted areas and bad neighborhoods. Also, know a few “safe” locations you can run to if you ever come across any trouble. This can be anywhere from a public location to a well known neighbor or friend.
  • Do not run alone. It makes runners a less likely target when there are two of you. Running partners are also able to assist in getting help if there is an emergency. Keep in mind; your running partner can also be your furry friend. Large dogs pose as potential threats to attackers.
  • Turn it down. We all enjoy a concert in our head so we can drown out our heavy breathing and focus on the music instead of our sore legs but your safety should come first. While turning down your music helps, taking out one ear bud completely is even better. This allows one of your ears to focus on the sounds of oncoming traffic, bikers, other fellow runners, and potential threats. It is important to be able to see and hear what is in front of you but also what is behind you.
  • Tell someone. Let a friend or family member know you are going out for a run, the route you are taking, and about how long you anticipate being gone. That’s easy.
  • Bring your phone. Not that you were going to let it leave your side, but if you were, bring it anyway. You’ll be able to call someone if you’re in a bind or drop someone your pin (location) if you need help. There are also all sorts of running apps out there for joggers so that their emergency information is available as well as their whereabouts.
  • Run against traffic. You will be able to see the traffic in front of you more clearly and they will be able to see you better. Also, be careful when running near cars, you have to pay attention because sometimes they are not.
  • Be bold and be bright. If you decide to run at night or early morning, make sure to wear bright colored clothing as well as reflective clothing or shoes. This will help drivers be aware of your presence. Hand held lights or headlamps are also key. Not only will this help the drivers to see you in front of them but it will help you to see where you are going as well.
  • Carry your blingsting. Not only will you be better able to protect your self but also you will feel confident that you have an additional safety measure on you.

Be safe and super-cute!

love andi